¿Pensabas que emocionarse era sencillo?: Las emociones como fenómenos biológicos, cognoscitivos y sociales

Nelson Varas Diaz, Irma Serrano-Garcia


Emotions are usually included as one of the many subjects matters of psychology. This is true to the extent that society, in general, attributes to psychology the responsability of understanding and even modifiying emotions. Still, psychology's venture into the subject of emotions is far from complete. Debates regarding the definition of emotions and their functions are ongoing. Some theories have described emotions as biological phenomena intimately bound to our physiology. Others have explored their social dimensiones understanding them as generators of meaning and collectivo cohesion. Other areas of study, such as the cognitive sciences, have avoided emotions almost entirely due to the complexity they entail. Recognizing the limitations of any unidimensaional explanation of a phenomenon, a truly integrative perspective is needed to understand emotions. Only after this is developed, can we conclude that emotions possess biological, social, and cognitive dimensions.

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