Wanda C. Rodriguez Arocho


This article examines some diagnoses of the state of psychoogy made in 1982 by a group of prominent psychologists and prophesies they made at that poinr in time concerning the future of the discipline. Those prophesies are analyzed in the light of the changes that psychology has undergone as the results of profound sociocultural and historic transformations in the last decades of the twentieth century. It is argued that such transformations have lead to discussiones and debates about the very nature of psychology, its object of study and its methods of inquiry. The author shares fears about the adverse consequences that the ways in which the alluded-to discussions and debates are being held may have for the discipline. Se also expresses the desire and the hope for acts of meaning by which a broader understanding of the complexity of human actions may be achieved



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Rodriguez Arocho, W. C. (2016). De temor y deseo: Reflexiones en torno a los futuros de la psicología. Revista Puertorriqueña De Psicologí­a, 13(1), 127–136. Recuperado a partir de https://www.repsasppr.net/index.php/reps/article/view/117
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