Anomalías de interacción con el ambiente en la psicología: El estudio de los fenómenos parapsicológicos

Carlos S. Alvarado, Nancy L. Zingrone, Nancy L. Zingrone


This article discusses aspects of the relationship between parapsychology and psychology. Findings from many laboratory experimental have uncovered positive relationships between extrasensory perception and such psychological variables as belief in the existence of the phenomena, extraversion, and altered states of consciousness. Surveys of experiences such as veridical dreams, apparitions and out-of-body experiences have shown that these phenomena are related to such variables as absorption, dissociation, and fantasy-proneness. These results demonstrate that parapsychological phenomena are psycholigical phenomena. In addition, the article discusses the relationship of parapsychological findings to, and their implications for, a number of topics in psychology: the study of the variety of human experience, concerns arising from clinical practice, attitude and belief change, social relationships, individual differences and the expansion of human potential

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